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Explore the Local Artwork at the Salinas Valley Art Gallery

Salinas Valley Art Gallery

Visit the Salinas Valley Art Gallery to explore the local artwork. The co-operative gallery is open daily, showcasing different artists. The gallery is located in Oldtown Salinas. It has something for every taste and budget. Its eclectic collection of contemporary artworks will inspire you to create your own masterpiece. And while you’re there, you can also pick up a unique gift for yourself or someone you know.

Company reviews

The Salinas Valley Art Gallery is a cooperatively run gallery that features different artists every day. The gallery is located in Oldtown Salinas. The reviews are typically positive. The website also features the latest art, including a large rotating show of contemporary works. Read through the reviews for a good idea of the company’s culture and hiring processes. You’ll also discover what types of skills are required to be a good fit.

Company culture

When the Hartnell Gallery first opened its doors to the public 31 years ago, it was curated by ceramics teacher Gary Smith and photographer Eric Bosler. The gallery has been a showcase for Monterey County and world-renowned artists alike. During recent years, the gallery has been the subject of a plethora of media and community-based events. Recently, Mayor Donohue asked Bosler to help put together an arts council and summit. Today, the arts council, comprised of Patricia “Trish” Sullivan and Eric Bossler, has grown into a thriving creative community.

The organization’s new executive director, Steve Hoffman, has extensive arts and cultural experience. He was the founding director of the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences. Growing up in a military family, Hoffman’s father was stationed at Fort Ord as a pre-teen. His parents eventually settled in Chicago. However, he said, it felt like a homecoming to Salinas. He was struck by the area’s culture, friendly people, and diverse range of arts.

Company benefits

The Salinas Valley Art Gallery Company is a cooperative of local artists in SALINAS, CA. The artists in this organization work across all mediums, from pottery and ceramics to glass and jewelry. Salary ranges from $124,377 to $160,428, depending on the position and the department in which the person works. Salary is also dependent on the person’s level of education and experience.

Company training opportunities

In 1976, the Salinas Valley Art Gallery opened its doors, bringing fine arts to the Central Coast. The Gallery often hosts special events and exhibitions. Local artists, photographers, glass artists, and others showcase their talents in the gallery. The average annual salary at Salinas Valley Art Gallery is $141,454, with individual salaries ranging from $124,377 to $160,428. The salary for different positions is dependent on the position’s title and description, as well as one’s level of experience and education.

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