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Monterey County Parks Department

Monterey County Parks Department

The mission of the Monterey County Parks Department is to manage open space and regional parks to improve the quality of life and the economy. It also provides high-quality public services while promoting stewardship of natural resources. Listed below are some of the department’s services and resources. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of its locations and fees. This information will help you plan your next trip to the county.


The Mission Monterey County Parks Department is committed to providing responsive public services to enhance the quality of life and promote good stewardship of the natural resources of the Monterey County community. The department also manages and operates a system of county parks. Parks are public spaces that are used for recreation, inspiration, education, personal development, and cultural enrichment. The park system is one of the most valuable assets of the County, so it’s important that it be properly maintained and cared for.

Visitors and residents can take advantage of the park’s trails, bike paths, and nature-based activities. The first French Consulate was moved here in 1776, and now serves as a Visitor Center. The Allen Knight Maritime Museum acknowledges early whaling operations and the town’s importance as a port on the west coast until the 19th century. Today, the fisheries and other waterfront operations continue to provide valuable revenue to the county and its residents.


The Monterey County Parks Department is a public agency charged with the responsibility of overseeing a network of regional parks. They work to preserve the natural resources, preserve historic and cultural values, and provide high quality public services. In addition to offering outdoor recreation opportunities to the public, the department is responsible for managing county recreation facilities. Read these Regulations for Monterey County Parks for more information. Here are some basic rules for your enjoyment.

Special Events: A special event involves charging a fee for admission, selling tickets, or otherwise using Park facilities in a way other than for normal daytime use. Special events that draw more than five thousand people require approval by the Board of Supervisors. For larger events, application and calendar coordination are required. Generally, special events should be submitted six months in advance. If the event is large enough, however, a deposit of at least twenty-five percent of the event’s total cost must be paid.


The Monterey County Parks Department is a local government agency responsible for a wide variety of public recreational resources. These facilities include outdoor pools, public parks, trails, and nature preserves. The department also offers dog-friendly hiking opportunities. For more information, check out its website. The department is committed to providing a range of recreational opportunities and preserving the County’s natural and cultural values. To learn more about Monterey County parks, click on the link below.

The county’s parks are located in the North and South counties, including San Lorenzo Park in King City, Royal Oaks, and Toro Park in Salinas. Vacancies for all of these locations are filled by using a list of qualified applicants established during the recruitment process. Parks Building and Grounds Workers II perform unskilled and semi-skilled grounds and facility maintenance. Their responsibilities may include fee collection and restroom cleaning.


GreenPlay’s recent study, “The Costs of Monterey County Parks and Recreation Services,” explored the value of park services in a community context. The study examined the benefits to community and individual stakeholders and formulated relative cost recovery goals for various park services. This study informed Parks and Recreation Commission recommendations for fees and services. This report highlights some of the key factors in Monterey County Parks and Recreation Services and offers tips and tricks to help your park department to stay on budget.

While the parks are popular with local residents, there are significant costs associated with maintaining them. As a result, park users pay higher fees. The budget hasn’t kept pace with rising salaries, minimum wage increases, and benefits. In addition, the park board is considering providing discounted access to low-income residents. But the costs of park maintenance are likely to exceed those of these programs. To address this, the county’s board is considering other options, including the introduction of new parks fees.

Locations in Salinas

Located at 333 East Laurel Drive, Salinas, CA, the Monterey County Parks Department is the agency responsible for the maintenance and operation of public parks and public facilities in the city. These services range from providing recreational programming to maintaining infrastructure. Other departments within the agency include architectural services and project management. To learn more about these services, visit the Monterey County Parks Department’s website.

Located six miles north of downtown Salinas and 13 miles from the Monterey Peninsula, Toro County Park is the perfect location for outdoor recreation. With trails that wind through the park, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the Monterey Bay and Salinas Valley. Additionally, the park is home to over 100 geocaches. Birders and nature lovers will enjoy the area’s scenic vistas and its location on the Central Coast Birding Trail. The park also features volleyball and horseshoe courts and over 20 miles of hiking trail.

Contact information

The Monterey County Parks Department is a local government agency responsible for maintaining a variety of public facilities. These facilities include public parks, athletic fields, outdoor swimming pools, trails, nature preserves, and more. Whether you want to plan a family day out or simply want to learn about the history of the county, the parks department is an excellent resource for information. To learn more about the Monterey County Parks Department, read the information below.

If you would like to schedule a group activity, contact the appropriate Monterey County Parks Department staff. While the county does offer a variety of recreation options for your family, it is important to understand that not all areas of the park allow pets. Although many businesses allow pets, the SPCA Monterey County does not recommend specific locations or endorses any specific listing. Leashed dogs are allowed in the parks’ 1000-acre wilderness preserve but must remain on a leash at all times. Dogs must be licensed and rabies-vaccinated and under the owner’s supervision at all times.

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